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El Estero's Mission Giving

El Estero Presbyterian Church provides support to various charities identified either by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) or by our El Estero Church Mission Giving Committee. The Committee receives requests for Mission Funding and meets each year to read applications, review and recommend non-profit agencies as awardees for financial gifts. Application periods are announced during Worship Service and in the church newsletter. Organizations that receive funding are invited each year to share with our congregation their accomplishments. Support for Ministries may also take the form of providing services, materials or physical assistance in making objects requested by the organization.
Donations made to El Estero Presbyterian Church are deposited into the General Fund. Special Fund Raisers for Missions are announced in the church newsletter and here along with information about how to donate directly to the non-profit organization.
February and March 2024: The nomination period for the congregation is Open .
2023: The nomination period for the congregation has ended. The Awardees for this year are:
Nancy's Project
Samaritan's Purse
Gerald Tanaka/IDT project
Samaritan's purse for Maui Fire Disaster
Rev. Mark Hall with Mission's Door.
The Outreach and Deacons cosponsored a very successful a Drive Up and Drop Off Holiday Donation Drive on October 14, 2023 from to benefit the Salvation Army - Monterey Peninsula Corps. 

2022: The nomination period for the congregation to suggest recipients ended in November. The recommendations that the church continue to support the 2021 Awardees was approved at the November Session meeting.

The Deacons held a November fundraiser to benefit the Food Bank of Monterey County that raised $4,320. according to information the Food Bank records. Our church family was asked to mail their checks directly to the Food Bank which acknowledged the donations.

2021: The nomination period for members of the congregation to suggest recipients has ended.  The Committee met to review and discuss nominees.  Their recommendation was presented to Session who voted to approve on September 14, 2021. 

Awardees for 2021 Mission Giving Funds are:

Evidence and Answers

Missions Door in support of Pastor Mark Hall

The Salvation Army of the Monterey Peninsula

Nancy's Project

The Food Bank for Monterey County

and to Gerald Tanaka's Baja Mexico home building project for homeless.

The Deacons held a very successful Toy, Food and Clothing Drive which was held during November. See the photos in the Echoes Newsletter.

2020:  The application period 2020 ended in October. The Committee reviewed applications and made a recommendation to the Session.  The motion was approved by Session at their December meeting. Recipients of mission giving grants for 2020 were The Salvation Army of the Monterey Peninsula, Pastor Mark and Brenda Hall in Mexico, and Nancy's Project.
The donation check was accompanied by a letter to the 2020 recipients that read:

This donation is being made,


"In Loving Memory of Members of El Estero Presbyterian Church who have joined the Lord

In 2019:

Hisao Yamanishi

Reiko Tashiro Kageyama

Dorothy Ayers Maceira

Royal Manaka, Sr.


And in 2020:

John Mitchell, Jr.

Hiroko Kuwatani

Lily Manaka Uyeda."

“Missions Door”  
Mark & Brenda Hall
Nancy's Project 
Nancy Costello

Mark and Brenda Hall were in the Mayan town of Totonicapán working with young people who distrusted religion-as-usual. What started as a Bible study with seven friends turned into an interdenominational youth group called Koinonia for those who feel they no longer fit in at the traditional churches. Koinonia is a discipling ministry dedicated to helping them rediscover an authentic relationship with Jesus. These young people also enjoy putting their faith to work in acts of compassion for the poorest in their community.

Missions Door asked them to minister to Guadalajara, Mexico and so they left Totonicapany in 2018 and moved there where he was also asked to Pastor a congregation.  Pastor Mark was planning on speaking at our church in July 2020, but due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, he was not able do.  He has since been able to visit our church and speak about his ministry several times and most recently on February 11, 2024. His sermon can be viewed at the "Messages" section.

May 2024 Letter

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August 2023 Letter

April 2023 Letter

Christmas 2022 Letter

Thanksgiving 2022 Letter

Summer 2022 Letter

Christmas 2021 Letter

August 2021 Letter

Easter 2021 Letter




Nancy's Project is a charitable nonprofit organization started by Nancy Costello, to distribute food, toys and other donated goods to farm labor families in Monterey County.

For over 40 years, Nancy collected and distributed food and donations throughout the year.  Each December she organized the collection of food, toys, warm clothing and other donations for special Christmas baskets delivered to over 1000 families. 


Volunteers continue to carry on her work.  El Estero supports this program through Mission Giving Funds.


The Presbytery of San Jose has purchased a home through their Refugee Ministry which has been named Immanuel House which provides transitional housing to newly arrived immigrants and assistance in finding employment.

Special Offerings


El Estero also supports additional projects through Special Offerings which include


One Great Hour of Sharing 




The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reaches out to the world in a wide range of methods. 


You can learn more by visiting:

Compassion, Peace and Justice Committee







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