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Pastor Joe Park

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Beloved in Christ,

The church stands as the body that Jesus Christ left in this world. It embodies the love and commitment of all who cherish Jesus, for in loving Him, we naturally come to love His church, His body among us.

As the youngest of four children in a pastor's family, the church was not just my home but my passion and hobby. My love for the church grew organically, blossoming even before I fully grasped its essence or purpose. My personal encounter with Jesus only deepened this affection, anchoring my life within the church's embrace.

My true understanding of the church's nature and mission unfolded with my calling into ministry. It was then that the church became as beloved to me as Jesus Himself, intertwining its joys and sorrows with my own.

Encountering individuals who express love for Jesus but hesitation towards the church, or appreciation for Jesus but discomfort with churchgoers, I am reminded of our Lord's own challenges and feel a profound sense of responsibility to bridge these gaps. Similarly, witnessing those attending church more out of routine than understanding, I resonate with Jesus's longing for a deeper connection and feel called to guide them towards a more meaningful engagement.

The Apostle Paul eloquently shares in Ephesians 3:20, “I pray that Christ Jesus and the church will forever bring praise to God. His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine.” This passage illuminates Paul’s profound love for both Jesus and His church.

I firmly believe the church is the supreme gift bestowed by God upon those who believe in Jesus. Being called to serve as part of Christ's body at El Estero Church is a privilege I hold dear, and it fills each day with purpose and excitement. 

It is my heartfelt wish for you to experience this joy and privilege alongside us.


In Christ,


Pastor Joe Park

"Getting to know Pastor Joe"

Contact him with prayer requests at or

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