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Pastor Ted Esaki



MONTEREY, CA    93940

Reverend Ted Esaki


                                                                                           June 1, 2023


Dear Elders of El Estero Presbyterian Church,


March 1st marked eight years since the door was opened for me to return to Monterey to assume the position of Stated Supply Pastor for El Estero.  It has been a blessing to serve as the pastor of the church where my grandparents were founding members, the church where I was baptized, attended Sunday School, enjoyed youth groups, served as Sansei/Yonsei Youth Director, and the church I was married in on July 4, 1987.    El Estero was also the church where I was ordained on November 12, 1989.   


Over a year ago, I shared with you that I believe El Estero should start preparing for a time of transition.   In May of 2022 I asked the San Jose Presbytery Committee on Ministry for permission to do the work of an interim.   During this time we finished the church Mission Study and in December 2022 the congregation approved the Pastor Nominating Committee.    As the recent edition of the Echoes noted, the PNC is at the point where they are now interviewing potential candidates.


During this first month of my Sabbatical Leave, I have been spending much time in thought and prayer seeking to discern God’s will for my life.    During this time of discernment, I have come to the decision that God is leading me in a direction away from being your pastor.    This is not an easy decision as I have enjoyed being back in Monterey.  It has been great to reconnect with many of the church families that I knew as a child growing up here.   I have also been able to participate in many family activities that I missed in my 30 plus years in Southern California.


However, after much thought and prayer, I have decided to retire.  I mentioned at our last session meeting that if I decided to retire that I would conclude my ministry at the end of July.     I have also informed Joey Lee, Frank Bernstein and Mark Peake about my decision as well.  


With gratitude and appreciation for eight plus years of ministry,


Prayers for a Bright El Estero Future,



Reverend Ted Esaki

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